House and Barn, Westford Massachusetts

At the end of Saw Mill road, off Tyngsboro Road, there is a trail leading into some Town owned land. Lenny Palmer of the Conservation Trust told me about it when we were planting the Christmas tree by the Abbott school last week. On Tuesday, Lad and I went in to see it and have a walk.

These two granite boulders, as their names imply, are about the size of a house and barn. In fact there are several sets of boulders in those woods that fit the description, but the House and Barn proper are the biggest we saw, are right off the trail and are replete with graffiti.

The woods and fields of Westford continue to delight and surprise me — each natural feature or new (to me) wooded area gives me an infinite set of photo and exploration opportunities.

Of course most of New England’s fields and therefore her vistas are over grown with young trees today so to the casual observer everything looks like a small woods. A photographer who helped with the Conservation Trust’s calendar project questioned me when I asked for landscapes taken in Westford. Not too many opportunities for that in Westford, he opined.

Well, I think there is more than meets the eye. There are also just plain natural photo opportunities — not landscapes perhaps but woodland scenes that if captured bring home some of the natural beauty that we are surrounded by everywhere in Westford.

There was a make shift ladder up against one of the boulders — I thought about trying it but I think the view might be just more trees. Then again it might just be worth the risk. After all the Boulder is only as big as a house!

Edit: Bill Morton, a friend from the Westford Conservation Trust, pointed out in his comment that there is an even larger boulder — these boulders were moved by glacial activity during the Ice age he explains — in Madison New Hampshire. Its one of the largest glacial erratics in the world (that’s what the House and Barn are – glacial erratics – he further explains). If you want to see it on line go here:

If you want to see it in person, go to Madison!

(Thanks Bill.)

Lad and the House and Barn