tree-hunting-2005.jpgChristmas Tree 2006

2005 …………………….. 2006 …….. (click on the thumbnails for a larger photo).
Last weekend we cut down a little tree at a Christmas tree farm in Tyngsborough right off route 113. Same place we got our tree last year. We did explore getting a live tree and keeping it until we could plant it in spring but the cost is much greater and we were afraid it wouldn’t make it through the transplanting. So we cut one down. A tree that was always going to be cut down — that’s why it was grown in the first place (makes me feel less guilty about it to think that).

We’ve done this for the last several years. Usually there is snow on the ground and its very cold but this year it was like a day in March. We always bring Lad and have a good time picking out the tree. Last year Maria’s boyfriend came along and two years ago three friends joined us. But this year Maria’s new boy friend wasn’t visiting and anyway, he doesn’t approve of cutting down trees for Christmas.

The photos show how different the weather is this year from last. I don’t know if this is a result of global warming — I suspect its one of the possible weather patterns we can get in New England — but it is going to make it tough sledding this year if it keeps up. After fall foliage, winter snow is a hallmark of New England. Winters when we don’t have any seem empty.

Our tree looks great in the family room. Maria decorated it with help from her best friend Rachel. In January we’ll put it outside with birdseed on it and the birds will come and entertain us all winter.