Louis Vuitton is running a fraudulent ad featuring Muhammad Ali. The ad with a photo by Annie Leibovitz is poorly Photoshopped and is insulting to anyone paying attention.

This image is a sloppy composite, a poorly crafted lie.

Ali is a great hero — The Greatest as he always said. But now he has Parkinson’s Disease and is severely disabled. The body in the image above is not his and his face has been reconfigured so that it looks more like Sugar Ray Leonard than Ali ever did. The image of his grandson looks real except that his grandfather wasn’t looking at him during any “photo shoot” that created this image. The image was created on a computer out of bits and pieces. This is a fantasy and a lie. All to sell over priced luxury items that have nothing to do with Ali now or ever.

Here is what Ali looks like today:

Ali Now

Ali at this year’s summer Olympics.

When Bob Dylan did ads for Victoria’s Secret I wasn’t shocked or surprised because he knew what he was doing and I think the old letch always admired sexy underwear on sexy women — and anyway nothing Dylan does should be a surprise to anyone paying attention. This misuse of Ali’s image while he is still alive does surprise me. I guess he needed the money and his family and mangers let this happen because the money was too good to pass up. What’s just as sad is Annie Leibovitz lending her name to this. She went broke over-producing images and
actually lost money on photo assignments. I dislike her overly produced work but much of it, while not my taste is impressive in its opulence. This is not impressive, not opulent and doesn’t do Annie or Ali any good. At least Annie was paid well this time for creating an alternative reality — too bad its a reality no one needs.

(I lifted these images from online sources so I could comment on them. I rarely do this but wanted readers to know exactly what I was writing about. Editorial license.)