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The Gravesend section of Brooklyn is one of the New York gateways for people immigrating to the US. A hundred years ago or so Italian immigrants started arriving. Some of their descendants are still there but now there are also people from Russian, Serbia and Montenegro, China, Korea and lots of other places. Lots of young people who all seem twice as tall as their parents as well.

I visit family there often and usually take a couple of long walks with my camera, never knowing what I’ll catch.

For instance:

Backyard tableau

Nice Rust & Late Flowers.

There are signs of all kinds in city neighborhoods. Ads. Some a 50 or more years old, some are in the languages of newcomers, some are enigmatic. Here is one I love — I hope it stays enigmatic indefinately:

Tabula rasa Brooklyn, 2010

The elevated railroad that runs through the neighborhood is very photogenic — do you agree:

Under the El

Here is another shot with a traveler arriving — probably from ‘the city’ (Manhattan that is).

No Entry

The infrastructure in Brooklyn has been neglected just as the double parkers and illegall u-turners are, so maybe being ignored isn’t all bad for everybody. The old stations are really old. Timeless, I think. Many a crumbling. This one reminds me of an adobe outpost somewhere in what once was Indian country.

'N' train Stop at 86th street

I have a lot more to share from my Brooklyn walks and other sources of inspiration, but I think I’ll stop for now and publish this. I haven’t written anything here in months and I really want to get back to actually publishing blog entries. I love the feedback I get once in a while and the writing process is very helpful to me. So consider this a dry run and look for more to come in the next few days. Its my New Year’s Resolution!

Update: I joined Fine Art America website recently and they have many Brooklyn image (some are mine of course!) here is a link to some of them:

brooklyn photos


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