Matt Holliday slid into Marco Scutaro during yesterday’s NLCS game between the Giants and Cardinals. Holliday was trying to break up a double play — a normal tactic — except the slide was not into the base but avoided the base to go into the second baseman. An illegal slide. The runner can take out the second baseman if he can do so while sliding into the base — not directly into the baseman.  Holliday claims he was not trying to hurt Scutaro — sorry but he is smarter than that. He knew his slide was very dangerous. He slid into Scutaro — 65 pounds smaller — he didn’t slide into the second base bag at all but directly into Scutaro who was behind the bag. He should be fined — we need to prevent this kind of play. Unnecessary roughness in sport threatens the players and the sport itself. It should not be tolerated.

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