Great Frame Up

Sadly, the frame shop (in Westford Massachusetts where I live) on route 110 in the plaza that includes Boston Market and Burger King closed shop. The sign in the picture above refers to the shop next door. The Great Frame up is closed and empty.

Gary, the owner of the business, was a great friend to arts in town. He worked with us to frame our work at the lowest possible cost. For artists who were repeat customers he used left over molding and scrap matte board to keep the price down when he could, yet the result was always excellent.

The Great Frame Up was caught by a landlord who wanted a higher rent and 10 year lease once the lease was up at the end of 2007. Its a pity to see another locally owned and operated (albeit a franchise) business close up. I think it bodes ill for a town that is fast becoming a rest stop on route 495.

Not too many years ago there where antique shops and other local businesses in colonial houses along route 110. They added local texture to our shopping options and were more interesting than the chains that replaced them imo.

I’d love to see an independent book store, an art gallery and a neighborhood Italian restaurant, for starters.

Any ideas re: how to attract or create such businesses? I think the town needs to buck the trend toward homogeneous culture before it looses any more of its character.

What do you think?