Conant Booth 2007 A

(That’s Aurora at our booth)

Last Sunday my wife Aurora and I set up a booth and sold photos at Conant grade school in Acton, where she teaches fourth grade. Each year for many years the school runs an Arts and Crafts fair to raise funds. This is my second year selling photos and it is a very enjoyable experience for me. I’m so glad that Aurora has been able to be there with me.

It’s fun because it feels like home being where Aurora is a dedicated and beloved teacher. It’s fun because people stop by and tell me they love my work. This year a few came back looking for me from last year. Now that is a wonderful experience.

We sold a few prints, note cards and framed pieces and met some great people and old friends. I must admit that I wouldn’t show up if I couldn’t make any sales. But its the friendship of people that makes it worthwhile.

For some reason this show has given me new inspiration to continue with the commercial side of photography with renewed vigor. Maybe I’m finding my own vision and it shows? I know my work is different from most photographers. It doesn’t look like straight photography to me and I think others agree. Some people would count this as a negative; I think its an important part of my personal style – a painterly style that doesn’t obsess over sharpness.

So next time I’m going to be somewhere selling my work I’ll let more people know about it — the people who read my blog for example!