Prospect Hill Gate Take 2

Prospect Hill Gate 

This is my latest effort at photographing the entrance to the Prospect Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in Westford Massachusetts.

I returned early this morning ~ 6:45 am – because there was no wind when I woke up at 6:30. I didn’t like the out of focus wind blown leaves in the first attempt, nor did I like the hot spots caused by the sun. I wanted to show how peaceful and inviting a gated woodland can be, so I tried again and worked for a few hours to process a few variations until I got to this one and decided to call it quits. Not because I was sick of working on this image — I am — but because I think this one will work well as the photo for the month of July in the Westford Conservation Trust calendar.

I find taking photos in and of the woods difficult. There is so much detail but its all similar to what’s around each detail. The lighting is tough and many woodland photos tend to look like all the others. New England woods are somewhat humble, having been cut down by the early settlers, they are just coming back in the last 50 — 150 years. So there aren’t too many grand vistas to capture. But as Robert Frost said of another New England wood — “The woods are lovely, dark and deep…” Yes but I find them a little challenging to capture.

Any thoughts? Do you like the latest image above or do you like the first one better? Any ideas about photographing the woods? BTW here is one of my favorite woodland photos.

Trail Marker

Trail Marker 

The light was magic that morning. I think that’s an important element — magical light — for any photo it makes all the difference and especially in the woods.

If you have a moment please let me know what you think and if you like either of the photos.