(Sorry this entry is a week late — been fighting a summer cold — that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

This was my third year vending photographs and note cards at Westford’s Strawberry festival. My brother Bill came up from Baltimore to help and my youngest daughter Maria came in from Rhode Island as well. Their help and company was wonderful. So nice to spend the day with the two of them. I would have been lost without them because Aurora had the cold that I now have.


That’s Bil on the left in the cap.

It was a gorgeous day full of sun and happy people. We sold lots of note cards featuring Westford conservation land and open space and a few prints as well. Two shoppers bought a few packages of cards to take to Europe with them on summer trips to show the French and English something typically New England. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

My tent also has some space allocated for the Westford Conservation Trust. I have brochures to hand out free of charge and Trail Guides published by the Trust to sell. Nineteen Trail Guides were sold as well — we only had twenty so I thought it was pretty good going.

Art and Cake Lover

Here is an art and cake lover having it all at the festival!

A real highlight for me was being hired to photography Doug’s precious doggie Hallelujah — a very small, cute and smart Rat Terrier. The dog is actually his wife’s but to see them together there is definitely the bond of dog and master between them.


The Hallelujah lives in Westford on two beautiful acres. I stopped by the Monday after the Festival and took lots of photos of the dog. I’m happy to say that Doug was very pleased (and I had fun). I sent him to Gary at The Great Frame Up frame shop so he could have a framed doggie portrait ready for his wife’s arrival on Tuesday. The portrait was a surprise — and she tells me that she enjoyed it. A good surprise is always best!

Dog Running

Hallelujah running.

I’ve been thinking lately about sustainable communities, a critical success factor for the human race, it seems to me. I believe that events like the SF are critical to the continued healthy life of a community. Institutions like the Roudenbush Community center and The Parish Center for the Arts are also critical to community existence. Wendell Berry says that for a sustainable community to exist it must have a farm. I agree and would add it must have a Festival like our Strawberry one.

Kids Music

With the festival situated on the town green, amidst the town Hall, The Library, The Roudenbush and Parish Center for the Arts as well as the First Parish Church that has sponsored the event for 32 years, a kind of Brigadoon is formed — a metaphor of a sustainable community even if it is only in existence for 6 hours a year. The warmth and feeling of community is so strong at this event it must have a lasting positive effect on the town and its citizens.

As long as I live in Westford I hope to participate in the Strawberry Festival in some way. I hope I never miss a Strawberry Festival!