I’m getting ready to be a vendor at my third Strawberry Festival. About 75 vendors sell crafts and works of art on the village green on a Saturday in June. The First Parish Church is the host.

The Festival takes place on the town green — seen here on a cloudy April day from the church bell tower:

Westford Town Green

Its a wonderful event bringing together Westford residents and crafts people — local and not so — on a day we hope is sunny but not too hot — humans are very particular about weather especially for events like this.

I sell photos — of course — and have a theme — “Natural Westford” — landscapes and wildlife photos from conservation land and open spaces in Westford only. Most people seem to like what I offer — framed and unframed photos, greeting cards and this year I hope they like posters like the one below that I’m introducing.

East Boston Camps Poster

Last year and the year before, my daughter Maria sold boxes that she painted using my photos as well — she decoupaged snips from photos and painted around them.

Here is what our tent looked like last year:

Strawberry Festival 2006

(This year I’ll have more stuff to sell — last year I had 27 photos on display and the Parish Center for the Arts across the green at the same time so my inventory was stretched.)

This year Maria (sitting in the photo above) is busy moving into a house she is renting for her senior year of college so we are not sure but she may sell some framed prints that she made in a print making course at school; she is a very fine artist. In any case she plans to come home and help me sell stuff and the Strawberry Festival; my brother Bill will join us and my wife Aurora too — it should be a wonderful day!