Step It Up — April 14th 2007

Step It Up Group Photo

Group photo taken from the church steeple.

My wife Aurora and I were involved in Step It Up yesterday. I designed and created a tri-fold flyer entitled “Global Warming – What Can I do?” Its attractive — lots of photos — is printed on recycled paper and includes twelve things individuals can do to start to turn the tide. I got the information for the flyer from a few web sites including Al Gore’s. Aurora handed them out to a crowd of about 200 people — pretty good sized crowd considering the organizers got a late start on this.

But what I enjoyed most was that I was the photographer for the event and had the privilege of climbing up the old First Parish Church steeple (watch out for the bat guano!) and taking photos from there. The Step It Up organization requested that local events report to them about our activities including photos — organizer Marcia Stokes is doing that as I write this post.

Me In The Steeple

That’s me getting blown away.

In case you are unaware, Step It Up’s goal is to create a ground swell of public outcry to encourage Congress to decrease carbon emissions 80% by 2050. The Step It Up web site is here –

Many believe that nothing short of such an initiative with what may seem like a drastic goal will work. In other words while using the right light bulbs and driving Hybrids is a step in the right direction, if we, for example, keep building coal fired electricity generation plants, none of that will help. We need fundamental change in our civilization in order to have the impact on green house gas emissions and climate change that is required.
During our one hour rally yesterday we had several activities including the all important signatures to indicate that we were there and behind the Step It Up initiative.


Here’s Marian Harman, President of the Westford Conservation Trust, signing her commitment.

The Minister of the First Parish Church was the key note speaker. She told the crowd that Congress needs to STEP IT UP!!

Cindy says Step It Up!!

Minister Cindy Worthington-Berry

Marcia Stokes — Our Organizer

Marcia Stokes

Marcia organized the rally and I think she did an excellent job. I’m sure she had help but she was certainly the go to person yesterday.

There was music (I missed the singing because it took a little while to get down from the steeple) and Bill Harmen played the Trombone. Story telling went on for a while and the kids seemed to enjoy that very much .

Peter Severance, a local ground water expert and conservationist, was there to teach the kids of all ages about critters that live in our local waters and the importance of good quality water. The Westford Conservation Trust was represented by Diane Duane and her husband Bill as well as several other members. Bonnie Tincknell had information about Healthy Lawns for Healthy families. There was information about composting as well.

But the primary message was — Congress Step It Up! From what I can tell the rallies around the country added up to a much larger first event in the short life of this effort. We have lots more to do but from here the road looks exciting and rewarding, like the best grass roots movements and revolutions.

Cindy quoted Gandi during her speech, saying “Be the change you want to see in the world.” A great quote — but much more than a quote now that change — one way or another — is inevitable.

See you at next year’s Step It Up rally!