Maria Gwen

On Sunday, March 4th my daughter Maria moved her horse from Littleton to Swansea. The stable is at Stony Creek Farm in Swansea.

Stony Creek is run by Erin Babbitt with help from her Dad and husband Mike. Its a great place and our trip there was a ray of sunshine.

The main barn is a huge Cover All building and Gwen’s stall is in there. So Maria can tack her up and walk three steps to the in door rink for a ride.

The farm is pretty amazing and lots of fun for kids of all ages. They have a lama, a burro, a mule, chickens of all kinds, guinea hens, big fluffy cows….

Of course there’s an outdoor rink and lots of mud right now. They took up the grass in anticipation of building an addition to the old, original barn, so when its not below freezing you get mud.

I think Maria and Gwen will be happy at Stony Creek — its a very happy feeling place.

Enjoy the photos! (Click on then to enlarge.)

MuleMeeting a new friendLunging GrewnLamaGoatsCover All BarnColored EggsChicken Coops