“Vespers” – Cover photo 2007 Westford Conservation Trust Calendar. To see more photos like this go to my smugmug gallery and look for the calendar galleries.

As I said in my last post, last week I gave a little talk  at the photography club I belong to about the Westford Conservation Trust Calendar that I’ve designed and produced for the last two years.

I shared some of my photos as well as photos of other contributors.  Its a wonderful project and helps me focus on Westford conservation land as a subject.

I opened my comments by reading “My Garden” a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It begins this way:

“If I could put my woods in song And tell what’s there enjoyed,  All men would to my garden throng, And leave the cities void.”

The text of the poem is here:  My Garden 

I used this opening stanza as one of the monthly quotes in the 2007 edition of the calendar. The poem captures how some people feel when they walk in Nature, I think. I’d much rather share poetry and photos I love than compete with other photographers. Especially given the criteria and judging methods that are used in photography clubs. If I hear one more rule of thumb given as advice I may scream.

The photo above — used as the cover for the 2007 calendar — was taken at sunset or just after using a Canon 20D digital SLR on a tripod with a 25 second exposure. Very different than the hand held one from last year’s cover — different in technique but not so different in result or impact — or at least that’s what I think. What about you — do you agree?

Edit: John just left a comment (thanks!) and asked where the photo was taken — sorry to have left that out. This is Stony Brook in East Boston Camps open space/conservation land in Westford Massachusetts. Its a beautiful 300 acre wooded area that the town bought a couple of years ago.