Gail Flannery, Alice Phalen and I are in a group show at Westford’s Parish Center for the Arts. Last Sunday we had our reception and about 75 people showed up — pretty good for a small town art exhibition.

(The photos in this post were taken by my brother, Bill Winters, using my Canon G5.)

Aurora Greeting a Guest

Photo: Aurora greeting a guest as Alice makes the introduction. Alice is the person who introduced me to the workings of the Parish Center gallery. She is a very artistic and sophisticated person. Alice loves to travel especially to France. She paints ‘en plein air’ – in the open air – sometimes doing two at a time, working on one while the other drys. Her work is bold and confident — and very beautiful.

The people who came were friends of at least one of us for the most part. We each made sales and took home lots of left over food. Alice and Gail baked lots of delicious treats — cookies, appetizers, pizza — . Aurora and I brought some cheese and fruit platters and the wine — still red and white and sparkling for mimosas.

It was the shortest 2 hours I’ve ever spent!

The art in this show is very good — I don’t mind the lack of humility that comes with writing this. Alice’s bold strokes painted outside from life in France make for absolutely excellent paintings, and Gail’s subtle touch with watercolors delight the eye. My work is mostly black and white photos (2 of 15 are color) taken in New York and London back when I was a Leica shooter using film. The work is hung together creating a nice contrast and balance in the gallery.

Selling a print

The photo above captures me in the act of selling a matted print. I wish I knew how to get more sales — simple as that. I have always made some sales at every show I’ve done whether at a gallery or craft fair. I need to work harder at selling — that’s the bottom line!

Gail and Friend

Here is Gail enjoying a chat with a friend. She is one of the smartest, most able persons I’ve met in a long while. A fine artist, she works in many media, sculpture and glass as well as painting. Gail is a can do, no nonsense kind of gal who speaks her mind. A great person to have on any team!