Tom Paul Trail, Winter

Photo: Tom Paul Trail, Westford Massachusetts

In a comment re an earlier post, inel wrote:

“I agree with the President of the Royal Society when he said:

“We need both to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases and to prepare for the impacts of climate change. Those who would claim otherwise can no longer use science as a basis for their argument.”

I am busy doing what I can to combat climate change. Are you?”

The quote by the President above is brilliant.

Also, at the risk of sounding smug, inel asks a challenging question. But is it the right one?

I think not. I believe anything as sweeping as climate change is like a tsunami, not something that can be fought but something that as the President quoted above says, must be prepared for.

But isn’t this s a silly debate? We need to ‘both to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases and prepare for climate change’ no matter who is right. Yes the evidence is strong that mankind is causing at least some of the change and particularly the rate of said change. But change is the one constant on earth so the cause of this one can be debated for as long as people want to waste time.

Let’s stop debating and wasting time – let’s do as the esteemed President of the Royal Society recommends – with all reasonable speed.