Barn on Hildreth

Hildreth Street is one of Westford’s scenic and historical lanes. Its is graceful with soft and sharp curves. It has rock walls, stately homes and conservation land. Among its most precious features are the farms. One that I’m familiar with is Salt Box farm. It has the oldest house in town (early 1600’s) and 50 acres of land. Last year Chip Collins, the owner, had two head of cattle but I don’t see them now.

Next to Salt Box Farm is the barn in the photo above. I’ll go back and shoot a photo on a brighter day but this one captures winter so I posted it.

I think along with our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and cool the earth off, we should also be working to keep not just open space but also working farms in our suburbs as well. They add so much to a town’s character.

I don’t think the two farms on Hildreth (are there more?) are really working ones any more, but they look like they could be. I love to drive down Hildreth Street and see them.