Cape Cod Bay Sunset 2005

Climatologist Calls Global Warming Fears ‘Greatest Deception in the History of Science’ This headline caught caught my eye. Its on a blog called Everything and Anything.

I’ve been thinking about the ‘science’ behind the global warming/climate change discussion. I use quotes because I don’t understand where science ends and hysteria begins. Now I’m pretty sure greenhouse gases have something to do with climate change but I’m also sure that climate change is a constant thing. And I am very sure I don’t understand the science.

I believe we need not debate or know for sure about where the line between Nature and our pollution is — we simply need to reduce greenhouse gases and other pollution because we are screwing up the planet. Making it less livable everyday — without factoring in global warming. If GW is even a tenth as bad as Al Gore says that’s just another reason to improve the way our industries and civilization work. There is no need for this debate imo — its a red herring.

(The photo above is meant to convey heat — and to remind eveyone that it will not be -5 degrees or whatever forever.)

Take a look at the story at the end of the link below. I don’t have any idea if this guy or Al is right — but I do know that most people will not be able to tell intellectually. Global warming/climate change is an emotional issue — — that is masking the simple fact that we are screwing up the planet with polution of all kinds — air, water, earth, noise, what have you. So whether the guy I linked to below is right or Al Gore is, we need to change our ways as rapidly as economically feasible.

What do you think?

The other side of the story?