I just discovered DFW’s commencement talk at Kenyon College, 2005 on a blog called ‘Go ahead and sue me’ so I think it may have been ‘lifted’ so to speak. Thanks to Brian Sawyer for posting a link to a DFW story in the New Yorker — I followed the DFW tag and came across the address. Its worth a read. Its about being aware/awake. Taking in what surrounds us and choosing what to think about, instead of accepting our default settings, and deciding what to worship. He agrees with Dylan, you Got to Serve Someone, or in Wallace’s case worship someone/thing — this is part of human nature, he opines.

David’s Talk

Mark Hobson’s blog has been intriguing . He has been a very active blogger — unlike me lately — and I’ve joined in on Mark’s blog with a photo and several comments. I was very pleased that Mark published my photo in his blog, and pleased with the comments it generated. Its a favorite one but not everyone likes it — unusual, huh.? Glad to have it accepted by Mark and others. (Go to his blog if you want to see it.)

Mark lives in the Adirondacks and is a guide there as well as a photographer and other things. I bet this time of year the guide activities are lite so he has lots of time to blog? It a good thing because I’ve enjoyed reading his stuff and being involved. There is something about his thinking and images that I feel simpatico with. Maybe its the raw simplicity and directness of both. I feel encouraged to post the photo above because of this — its of a fence along Hildreth street in Westford that I’ve admired for a while now.

Post Card

I’ve got an exhibit in the gallery in town — at the Parish Center for the Arts. I have the good fortune to share it with two artists I admire — Gail Flannery and Alice Phalen. Their work is wonderful and rich and our work looks good together. We mixed our pieces together rather than keeping them separate and the effect has been to highlight everything — something that is difficult to do, I admit! Mine are B&W photos taken back when I was a Leica shooter. I miss those days but you gotta move on — no regrets. Tomorrow we have Sunday gallery hours then next Sunday the 11th we will have a brunchie reception between 12 and 2. Stop by if you can.

The card doesn’t do the paintings justice — I screwed up the color — Alice’s doesn’t have all that purple — its much more blue. Maybe I’ve finally learned that purple is a rarity in nature so be careful when it shows up.