Aunt Eleanor
Sorry to write about another death right after Bradford Washburn’s. But this, after all is a log.

My wife’s Aunt passed away at 94 on Friday. She was making eggplant parmesan on New Year’s day and she had a stoke. It was a very serious stroke so she never recovered. Some in the family said she died then — doing what she loved for her family.

One of the first things my wife told me about when we were just getting to know each other was about her role models – her two Aunts who were widows and traveled the world together, fought a lot but loved each other. They are very Italian, she told me, and very sweet and tough. Smart too. They don’t take BS from anyone, she said. When they travel they take two of each article of clothing they need — ‘wear one and wash one’ they said. They used to travel to Africa and Poland and Russia. It was almost thirty years ago that my wife to be told me that.

Tomorrow we are going to Brooklyn so we can comfort my In-laws (father-in-law is a younger brother) and attend services. We will see the other Aunt too and try to be of some small comfort but that will be hard.

This passing will change the network in my wife’s family. Her Aunt was a point of family love and rememberance. Without her some family members might forget that they love each other. But she will not be forgotten. She was a wise and loving Mother, Wife, Grandmom and Aunt of a kind that has become more precious than ever — because her kind seems to be in short supply.

I spent some time today printing photographs to bring to Brooklyn. The one above is my favorite.