Forge Pond Sunset #2
We will miss him. Humanity will miss having one of its very best members on earth. His spirit lives in the mountains and valleys and in the Boston Museum of Science, which he created.

Here is a link to the Boston Globe article in today’s paper: Globe Article

I posted the photo above because its a sunset and because photography is a passion I share with great people. Bradford Washburn took photos of mountains from above them while hanging out of an airplane. I take photos of natural beauty in my town, within steps of my home. (This one is another of Forge Pond/Beaver Brook) Makes me feel very small but the photography we share keeps me feeling just a little closer to the great man.

My wife Aurora and I saw him and his wife Barbara speak at a meeting of the Photographic Historical Society of New England back in 1992 when I was a member. He was 82 and spoke for 2 hours – standing – showing dozens of slides from throughout his long career. He spoke so eloquently and knew so much detail about each slide — it was breath taking.

We still have the signed photo of Brad and Barbara taken on the top of Mount Bertha made during the couple’s assent of that mountain — the first recorded one.

As a man and as a couple these people are without peer. Bradford Washington’s spirit will continue to live in the wild places of earth and the hearts of men and women.