Yesterday I noticed that Brian Sawyer, one of the keepers of bloggingwestford, posted an image from the Westford pool on Flickr. Forge Pond from where Beaver Brook enters it. Shot was taken from the guard rail by the spot for putting boats in the water. Great shot taken with a Fuji E900 digital point and shoot — the E900 is a really good P& S with great low light capabilities and excellent dynamic range. The photo is beautiful. Esops was the photographer and he/she describes the photo op as follows:

“An unreal January day in New England where the temperature was about 70 degrees. Just as we finished kayaking and were putting the kayaks back on the car, it started getting dark and a strong front was moving in. You can see the wind on the water.”

Here is the photo: Please Note — Not my photo — was made by Esops and is on Flickr!

Esops’ photo of Forge Pond

So anyway seeing Esops’ great photo inspired me to go back to Beaver Brook road at sunset and see what I could capture. The photo below is one of my favorite compositions from yesterday. A much colder than 70 degree day but very nice nevertheless.

(Lad waited patiently in the car as I took a number of shots. Then we went for a twilight walk.)

Here is my photo from yesterday.

Forge Pond at Sunset

I need to spend more time exploring Forge pond. Its a beautiful pond and deserves to be featured in next year’s Westford Conservation Trust calendar or on this and other Westford blogs. So — watch this space.