Nabnasett Lake at Sunset

Nabnasset Lake at Sunset looking to the east. (click on photo for a large size)

It’s not a new science fiction novel or rock band, but something I learned from a fellow photographer on Here is what Roslyn Lunetta told me about the photo above that I posted a while back:

“…the pink picture is a photo of the earth’s shadow, the blue band at the horizon is the shadow and the pink band is called Venus’s belt. I just learned this and now when I see pictures of it I like to share…”

I then told her that I did some google research and found a fascination, informative website call “Atmospheric Optics” — — that explained the earth’s shadow very well (along with a lot of other things.)

She replied:

” Frank…I am actually published on Atmospheric Optics
Les has so much information on his site, I can spend hours there….”

So there is more information about the atmosphere — this time about rainbows.

Photographers need to be aware of the atmosphere and how it works giving us the sky and air shows we can see daily. After all, we make our images through the air, don’t we? The rest of humanity just breathes the air and can’t live without it! So I guess all of humanity aught to sign on to Atmospheric Optics once in a while.

I’ve always loved taking photos at Nabnasset Lake — now that I know that it’s a great place to see these effects, it just draws me in all the more.

If you discover anything amazing at AO or in the sky, please let me know!