The Gargage Mahal at sunset.

The Garage Mahal on top of Snake Meadow Hill (The hill is also known as the hill in Graniteville Woods.)

On Sunday, December 3, I took some more photos of Westford’s Graniteville Woods section. This time it was up on the top of the hill were the new town garage (aka the Garage Mahal) is located. I posted a message on the Town’s discussion forum about the pictures with a link to my gallery on SmugMug (

I was surprised to find that at least one woman who lives at the bottom of the hill in an antique house that once was owned by one of the workers in the Graniteville Quarry had never seen the views in my photos nor had she seen the new garage up on top of the hill right behind her house.

I was surprised but should not have been. Westford has many acres of conservation land and open space that goes largely unseen, hidden in plain site from the eyes of most citizens.

That fact is one of the reasons I help the Westford Conservation Trust publish a calendar that features many of the conservation areas in town. For their health and peace of mind, people need to know about the beauty they pass by every day.

So I’ll keep bringing photos of Westford’s natural beauty to my galleries and this blog. Keep doing the calendar too.

One place you can go to find more information including online maps is the Conservation Trust’s website — You can pick a place to explore there and print out a map to guide you. Or you can get a set of maps for $5 at the Roudenbush, its called The Westford Trail Guide, kept up to date by Bill Harman of the Trust.

Happy Trails!

View from the garage.

View from the Garage on Granitevill Woods hill (aka Snake Meadow Hill)