Graniteville Woods Quarry Reflection

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Early on Monday I posted 25 photos to my SmugMug gallery, photos that I took while hiking in Graniteville Woods, a area of open space in Westford Massachusetts that is the subject of much controversey right now. What is controversial is whether the town of Westford should buy the property — ~ 200 acres — or allow a developer who owns it to put in around 240 housing units.

I also posted one photo here and on the Town’s information web site in the discussion forum with a link to my galllery.

My intention was to use photography to show the property and its beauty. It was an easy self asignment. We had a glorious saturday morning and we got out by 8 a.m. so the light was still good morning light.

And — success! My SmugMug account has had more than 7000 hits in the last three days — one photo — the one you see here was one of the most popular photos of the day on SmugMug.

I am convinced that photography can be used to deliver almost any message. It is very gratifing when one actually accomplishes that ideal.

Hale, hale the shining of the light!