Graniteville Woods

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Last Saturday (November 25, 2006) my wife Aurora and I took a hike with a small group in the Graniteville Woods area of our town, Westford MA. This is a wooded area that once was a quarry. It is about 200 acres of natural beauty and wildlife habitat with lots of evidence of the quarry operations that creased over 100 years ago.

Peter Severance, a local environmental activist and ground water specialist led the hike. Peter knows the Graniteville Woods land very well.

The reason for the hike, besides the fact that it is a fascinating and important place, is that it may soon be developed with 248 houses to be built. That is unless the town buys the land and conserves it for open space and/or as a wildlife sanctuary. Of course even if the town buys it the land may be developed but that’s another story. Right now the town is trying to figure out if it should buy the property. There was a vote at town meeting in favor of buying it but now the Selectmen have put an item on the agenda for the special town meeting of December 12 to rescind that voting decision. I suppose they feel that the earlier vote was taken without enough information.

But it seems to me that the only issue related to the purchase of this land should be the price. If we can get the property at a good price ($7.4 million does seem very high) we should buy it so that the town’s people can control any use of the land. If $7.4M is a good price we should go ahead, but we may not know right now what the right price is. On the other hand the price was negotiated with the seller and isn’t that how real estate prices are determined?!

This is a very complex situation and I have no answer but I thought the beauty of the land to be a simple issue, so I posted 25 photos like the one above, at the following address:

Please take a look at them of you have an interest in Graniteville woods or if you like nature photography!