Waxing Crescent Moon

This afternoon we had the waxing crescent moon here in Westford Massachusetts. I took Lad down to Shipley Swamp and we saw it. There was a beaver swimming in his pool and a heron fishing or just hanging out. Also about a dozen Homo sapiens enjoying the afternoon as well.

We watched the setting sun’s affect on the swamp and the pond that is adjacent to it — the sky turned pale blue and pink. The only thing that marred the image was the fact that the water level in the swamp and pond has been lowered artificially in an attempt to kill off some invasive plant life that threatens to choke the pond. This is Nabnasett Lake with a lot of houses around it right up to the lakeshore. Some of these folks like to run power boats on the pond and if the plant life isn’t controlled that will be difficult.

Still its a lovely place to walk especially in the evening or late afternoon. Lots of wildlife and despite the housing development and pond shore houses, it’s still very beautiful. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Nabnasett Lake at Sunset