Stony Brook with a Dusting of Snow
This is my first blog entry. I will try to use this as a place to keep thoughts and thinking, logic and illogic as well as photos I take. This will take some getting used to because I do most of my thinking inside my head. But I am inspired to do this by RW Emerson and HD Thoreau. I am pretty sure it will work for me that journaling is good practice for life. I’m 63 so this is a little late to be starting, but so be it.

Of course I wonder about doing this in public: will I make a fool of myself? Well, if I do its my fault, so I can live with that risk. The reason I decided to write my thoughts in a public blog is that I am addicted to the web and this will give my web time more of an anchor. It will be interesting to see if anyone pays attention.

I have been on the web in various forms — I have photos up on SumgMug (, Shutterpoint (, Online Nature Photographers Magazine, among other sites and I used to write on a regular basis for gantthead (, the project manager’s website, so I’m familar with the rough and tumble of the web.

But if this blog is any good I’ll be sharing my thoughts re: the big questions — such as the big big one — why is there anything and why is that important. So if this hasn’t bored you to death, stay tuned for my next brain doodle.